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2006 Landaker Family Photos

Here you can find the latest photos of our family, sorted by date. The newest pictures are at the top! (A * indicates that there are new images in that folder.)

  • December 2006*: Family pictures, and lots of snow!
  • November 2006: A trip to the zoo, and a Thanksgiving vacation to see Wes' folks in San Felipe, Mexico!
  • October 2006: Halloween, and more friends.
  • September 2006: Family visits for Onyx's baby blessing; our backyard friend.
  • August 2006: Grandma Cheryl Meibos visits, Quartz helps out, Onyx and a "bottle"
  • July 2006: Onyx's birth, family pictures with Landakers
  • June 2006*: Shoes, blocks, swimming lessons, and camping
  • May 2006: A quick trip to Utah, and geocaching in the Manzano mountains.
  • April 2006: Family picture-taking at the Albuquerque Temple
  • March 2006: Cave of the Winds and Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs
  • February 2006: Playing with dirt and trains
  • January 2006: Quartz takes a bath with some dolls

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