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Rivendell, home of Elrond and the Last Homely House.

The Lord of the Rings, by J.R.R. Tolkien, is the series that jumpstarted the entire fantasy genre and made the public aware that not all fantasy novels were fairy tales for children. As a philologist, Tolkien made many languages for his make-believe world of Middle Earth, and also created a vast history of his world. Because of these two aspects and his matter-of-fact, vivid writing style, the novels are very realistic. The only slight imperfections I see to his novels are the less active roles of women and the occaisionally shallowly developed characters, though these by no means detract from the novels' value.

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BulletImage Gallery - New! With thumbnails!
BulletAn Essay on Parallel Characters in The Lord of the Rings and The Wheel of Time.
BulletLord of the Rings Music - composed by me, for various poems/songs in the trilogy.

Lord of the Rings Live Action Movie Info:

The first movie, Fellowship of the Ring is was released in December 2001, and was filmed in New Zealand. The other two movies will follow in 2002 and 2003. For more, in-depth information, follow these links:
BulletThe official LOTR Movie Site. - well worth a look. Wallpaper, screensavers, the trailer, and more. - find out all you ever wanted to know about the movies.
BulletThe Lord of the Rings Movie Site - pics, home-made trailers, and other information.

More Links:

BulletThe Tolkien Shop - The most comprehensive store of Tolkien-related artwork, games, music, etc I have ever seen. Reasonable prices and international shipping, too.
BulletThe Tolkien Music List - Listings of many, many songs inspired by Tolkien's works.
BulletJay Scrivner's LOTR Desktop Theme - has many backgrounds, sounds, startup and shutdown logos, icons, cursors - the whole shebang. If you don't have Microsoft Plus! (or if you want a better theme manager) try Desktop Architect.
BulletInterplay's Lord of the Rings computer game -- which is really only the Fellowship of the Ring. The sequel, The Two Towers, was also made. Not the best quality graphics, but I found them bothquality graphics, but I found them both fun and engaging. Unforunately, I had to take this link down because Interplay doesn't even mention them anymore. However, you can probably download them from abandonware sites. - Good movie info, polls, forums, etc.
BulletThe Tolkien's Guild -- Fonts, links, themes, maps, chat, images, FAQs, movie info, and more.

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