Shannara: Welcome

The Scions of Shannara

From left to right: Walker, Allanon, Par, and Wren.

The Shannara series, by Terry Brooks, tells of the Shannara children's never-ending quest to save the Four Lands from destruction and terror. Here is a short summary of the books.

I got my copy of The First King of Shannara signed by Terry Brooks when he was at the BYU Bookstore on September 9, 1997. I asked him if he ever visited web pages on his books, and he said he left that for his son to do. Darn . . .

If you have read the books, you may wish to see some of my Favourite Shannara Graphics.

Here are some good Shannara sites:

BulletInformation on Legend Entertainment's Shannara computer game - which, in my opinion, was a very fun game, if not extremely challenging.

BulletThe Terry Brooks Experience - information on all of Terry Brooks' books.

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