76th Star

by K.Haruka, 2001

translated by Qirien, 2003

I received a request from the author not to post the scanlation online. Therefore, I have taken down all the links. If you own the manga, you can contact me for a text translation.

Instead, please visit the author's website for pictures from this and similar doujinshi.

76th Star is a short doujinshi I found on eBay about Yuffie and Vincent. I translated it with a LOT of help from WWWJDIC. This doujinshi is rated PG (by me) -- no yaoi, no lemons, or anything like that. If you are looking for it, you might be able to find it on eBay.

If you want to support doujinshi and their creators, please buy them (at anime conventions, on eBay, on online stores, etc).

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