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  • Repent and Forgive: PDF
    The lyrics and melody for this children's song about how Jesus helps us repent and forgive were written by my friend Catherine Doxey White and I helped arrange it.
  • My Mind's a Sacred Place: PDF | MP3
    The lyrics for this children's Primary song about choosing positive media were written by my friend Catherine Doxey White, and I wrote the accompaniment.
  • A Mother's Love: PDF
    This is a song I wrote for Mother's Day about how following Jesus' example can help us as mothers. It is for soprano solo or small group with piano accompaniment.
  • Every Hour, My Shepherd (Accompaniment or Piano Solo): PDF
    This sheet music is of an arrangement of the Christian hymns "The Lord is My Shepherd", by James Montgomery and Thomas Kreschat, and "I Need Thee, Every Hour", by Annie S. Hawks and Robert Lowry. The piano sheet music works well as a solo, but it can also be used to accompany the Soprano-Alto vocal arrangement.
  • Every Hour, My Shepherd (Vocals and Accompaniment): PDF
  • Every Hour, My Shepherd (Vocals): PDF
  • The Living Water: OGG
  • Truth Reflects (Accomp): PDF
  • Truth Reflects (Full): PDF
    This is new music for Eliza R. Snow's "Truth Reflects Upon Our Senses". This arrangement is for soprano and baritone, with piano accompaniment.

The following are LDS hymns arranged and performed by me.

  • 100 - Nearer, My God, to Thee: OGG
    All page numbers are from the 1988 LDS Hymnbook. The songs here use some of the arrangements from the hymnbook as well as my own free accompaniment.
  • 103 - Precious Savior, Dear Redeemer: OGG
  • 104 - Jesus, Savior, Pilot Me: OGG
  • 108 - The Lord Is My Shepherd: OGG
  • 113 - Our Savior's Love: OGG
  • 116 - Come Follow Me: OGG
  • 117 - Come unto Jesus: OGG
  • 122 - Though Deepening Trials: OGG
  • 124 - Be Still, My Soul: OGG
  • 125 - How Gentle God's Commands: OGG
  • 165 - Abide with Me- 'Tis Eventide: OGG
  • 166 - Abide with Me: OGG
  • 301 - I Am a Child of God: OGG
  • 96 - Dearest Children, God Is Near You: OGG
  • 97 - Lead, Kindly Light: OGG
  • 98 - I Need Thee Every Hour: OGG

Creative Commons License These works, (c) 2015 Andrea M. Landaker, are licensed under a Creative Commons License.

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