Neverwinter Nights

You have come to the outskirts of Pleasanton to visit Moebius for the summer, as you often do. Moebius is a long-time friend of the family, and although you usually call him "Uncle", he isn't related to you by blood. You have been helping him out with the many inventions he is working on -- most recently, a device that will allow one to travel back in time, called the Diurnal Displacement Device (DDDevice, for short). Hopefully it will be finished soon, and you can try it out . . .

It is a story-driven adventure intended for 1-4 characters, levels 5-15. There are no henchmen, so a lower-level bard or mage might have a tough time, but it is doable. If you are playing multiplayer, you will probably have more fun if you use level 5-10 characters. Also, for multiplayer, it's probably best if you stick together and have one person do most of the plot talking.

You can also download some of the music from the module for listening to outside the game. All music was created using Cheesetracker, Acid XPress, and/or Audacity.

Download the Intro Movie for viewing outside the game (if you have problems viewing it, download this codec.)

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