I love Final Fantasy. What else can I say?

Original Stuff

  • Re-Performed Music - download OGGs of ALaRM performing Final Fantasy music.
  • Final Fantasy t-shirt - the image for an iron-on transfer, with my favorite characters from FFVII, FFVIII, and FFX (PDF format).
  • Marginality in Final Fantasy X - this is a paper/presentation I wrote for a class on how marginality plays a large role in FFX.
  • Final Fantasy Fanfiction - right now there's a humorous FFX one about all the Guardians and Yuna playing blitzball together, and a more serious one about what happened after the end of FFVII.
  • 76th Star Scanlation - a FFVII YuffiexVincent doujinshi I translated.


  • Final Fantasy X: Another story - normally this only comes with the Japanese International version of FFX. How sad! Someone was nice enough to encode it, though, and there's even English subtitles done by the now-defunct GIA. This torrent requires BitTorrent to download.
  • FFV Wallpaper - Faris is still one of my favorite characters. Liked the jobs system, too.
  • FFVI Wallpaper - I loved everybody in this one - Celes, Locke, Setzer . . . even Kefka, kind of.
  • FFVII Wallpaper - I never get bored of this game.
  • FFVIII Wallpaper - What a lovely romance!
  • FFX Wallpaper - Wonderful CG, and a cool story as well.
  • Animated GIFs and avatars from Final Fantasy games, other games, and anime (warning: lots and lots of images!).

These are my favorite female characters of Final Fantasy.


  • Creative Uncut - character artwork, wallpapers, and more from Final Fantasy, Suikoden, and other games.
  • Nobuo Uematsu: The man, the legend - download sheet music for Final Fantasy songs, and also hear a school band play cool arrangements of them. I mirror the sheet music here.
  • GameFAQs - stuck in the game? Need help with an obscure question? If they don't have a FAQ on it, then someone in the forums there will be able to help you!
  • Square's PlayOnline Homepage - If you want up-to-date info (like on FFX:2), go to the Japan section. It's all in Japanese, of course, but at least it has pretty pictures. :-)
  • Rydia-chick's Fanart Page - the most comprehensive collection of Final Fantasy Fanart ever!

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